The Groundswell within Your Company

This week’s post will be my last  since it is my last semester at NAIT. So without further ado, I will be going over chapter 12 of the groundswell book.


Chapter 12 talks about the groundswell that is inside your company. Compared to  previous posts throughout my semester it was all about connecting with your customers but in this chapter it will be about connecting with your own people (employees)  inside your company.

As we all know in terms of communication within a company, if a company is getting bigger communication between you and your employees would get further and further apart that it makes it hard to communicate with each other. This definitely would be creating misunderstandings and even false information to spread throughout the company having either excess or insufficient resources for each departments of a company & making either too much or  too little products, late assignments or projects due to slow communication, and reputation of your company could go down along with your employees.

In order to communicate inside your company these strategies are used:

  1. Listening
  2. Talking
  3. Energizing
  4. Supporting
  5. Embracing

Do these look familiar? These strategies are the foundation for groundswell whether you want to use it for the customers or your employees or why not both?
In order for communications to go well within your company it should start by creating a community, it could be small or big and hopefully it grows. Communities could be creating a Facebook Group where both customers and employees could give and receive feedback simultaneously, Online discussion exclusively to your own company where your employees could give suggestions or new ideas and comment or criticize on them, have online surveys weekly, monthly, or even yearly to see where you and your employees are at, and have a group of people combining their ideas into a single blog and switch between peoples for daily discussion.

The next step when you decided what kind of groundswell you will use for your company inside, focus on the relationships between you and your employees and not too much on technologies themselves. By developing relationships, employees are more inclined to participate much more because they feel like the company is respecting and caring for them, they will be motivated and have confidence in themselves so that they can freely give suggestions, new ideas, comments, feedback, and much more to each other without judging each other for whatever reason.

And lastly, don’t forget to reward, encourage them, and to keep on trying different kinds of groundswell and see if it is better for the company or not.  This way you can adjust to what groundswell your employees are comfortable with and then stick to it, improve upon it, and move forward.




For some companies, they solely focus on just the customers and not employees. I have seen this type before in a restaurant, I’m not going to bring up names but what happens is that they focus so much on customers and doing it well and have somewhat a good reputation but they treat their employees really bad and even yell at them on the spot for doing even one thing wrong. It’s like they don’t see them as their people and since it is a restaurant they could easily find people to replace as a result.

But as you can see here in Nintendo, they focus not only their customers but their own employees as well. By treating both their employees and customers together they can market better through groundswell and even finding potential new employees easier because they are treated as if they are family within the company.


Source: Groundswell by by Li, C. & Bernoff, J. 2011. Boston, Massachusetts

Last Question for you guys: So how will you use groundswell for your company? For customers? For employees? or maybe both?




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